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We are the only marketing company with years of in-depth experience, gathering data about haunted house goers, that has built an exclusive digital platform to target your customers. Our exclusive platform targets haunted house attendees like no one else, and we’ve proven it!

We get you found first.

  • We know how to get your haunt found first when people are searching the web on 98% of all search engines – not just Google!

We know their behaviors.

  • We know how to get your business name at the top when people are searching for your haunt.
  • We know where they shop, where they eat, and where they spend discretionary income.

We know where and when they spend time with media.

  • We know how they spend time with media – whether online or with traditional media.
  • We know the day of the week and even the time of day they purchase tickets.

We know effective ad content.

  • Regardless of the media outlet - we know what ad content gets the best results.
  • We know what size display ad has been proven to be most effective.

We know when they are visiting your competition.

  • We’re geo-conquesting experts. We know when they are at your competing haunt’s location and serve them your ad.

We consistently deliver effective campaigns that double ticket sales in the first year. If your serious about real results, call us today at 336-402-4404 or submit the form below.

Ready for scary-good results?

Ready for scary good results?

What you do best is run an incredible attraction. We’re the best at telling everyone about it. Find out today how we can give you immediate results and record ticket sales by filling out the form below.
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