Media Buying for Haunted Attractions

Media Buying

You depend on the expertise of an accountant, doctor and lawyer. Why would you buy media without the expertise of a professional, experienced Media Buyer?

Media negotiation is NOT about getting the lowest rate or the most number of spots.

It takes in-depth knowledge and skill with years of industry experience in both selling and buying media to make it work. Let me repeat that. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LOWEST RATE OR NUMBER OF SPOTS.

A true media professional negotiates media on target audience delivery.

Think about it like this. Would you rather:

have your ad reach 100,000 people,
but not one person buys a ticket?
group of 100,000 customers×100,000
admission ticket (0)×0


have your ad reach 10,000 people,
with all of them buying tickets?
a group of 10,000 customers×10,000
admission ticket (10,000)×10,000

Reaching more people doesn’t mean much if they aren’t interested. Better, targeted marketing generates more ticket sales. That’s why reaching your target audience is crucial with any media buy.

Everyone wants to think they’ve made a great deal….usually because your media rep told you so. Knowing too little about media can be dangerous. Not fully understanding ratings, cost-per thousands (CPM), reach & frequency, and how these are measured can allow media companies to take advantage of you.

Every media buy is negotiable.

Regardless of what any rep will tell you…

  • No media is ever sold out.
  • There's always available inventory.
  • No media has sales so good they quit taking customers.

There are countless ways to negotiate to get the most for your advertising dollar; it’s all about supply and demand. Available inventory equals great discounts.

Also, value added bonuses aren’t usually a value at all. If your media rep makes a bigger deal about value added bonuses instead of the value of the media schedule, RUN.

We know what works and deliver effective campaigns that consistently double ticket sales in the first year. Don’t wait any longer- contact us today at 336-402-4404 or fill out our form below.

Ready for scary-good results?

Ready for scary good results?

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