Ratings and Review Management

Ratings and Review Management

Review Monitoring

  • Monitor all reviews from 165 review pages in one dashboard
  • Track average ratings across all review sites with the click of a button
  • Filter and organize reviews by most recent, source, highest or lowest

Review Generation

  • Get your business more reviews - consistently with Automated Feedback
  • Send customers to top reviews sites immediately to leave a review or star rating
  • Automate the review collection process seamlessly through your ticket vendor
  • Your customers will receive a review request after their ticket has been scanned at your location or you can decide when to send each request

Review Management

  • A customized review request can be sent via email, text message, or via social media
  • Real-time reports show how often a review request convert into an actual review
  • Address customers concerns in the moment and solve problems while they emerge
  • Direct customers to the sites they are most active on first

Review Marketing

  • Your customers are your marketing engine
  • Enhance SEO with star ratings beside your business in search results indexed by search engines
  • Accelerate SEM with Google Ratings as visual stars under your ads to increase CTR
  • Engage prospects with automated reviews on Social Media and your own customer review microsite

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Ready for scary good results?

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