Creative Services for Haunted Attractions

Creative Services

TV Commercials / Video Marketing

Motion and Emotion

Powerful video touches our sense of sight, sound, motion, and especially… EMOTION. People attend Haunted Attractions to experience a thrill. What better way to drive attendees to your haunted house than to give them a taste of the thrill they are seeking through a powerful video? Every ad we produce focuses on creating a memorable emotion that has proven to drive ticket sales through the roof.

Radio Script Writing

Theater of the Mind

Radio ads for Haunted Attractions are THEATRE FOR THE MIND! Since there are no pictures in an audio spot, we create a powerful auditory experience to lure your customers to your attraction.

Each one of our ads creates a strong visual, uses powerful sound effects, and provides an urgent call to action. Experience the thrill by listening to some examples below...if you dare!

Spookywoods 2016 30 sec spot

Display Ads

Seizing their attention

Grabbing your client's attention takes more than a scary picture or a gory image, it requires strategic expertise to understand where the ad is being displayed, who is going to see it, and what you want that user to do once they have viewed it.

One of the greatest advantages of Display Advertising is that you can easily segment your audience based on their demographic profiles. We can take advantage of this level of granularity and build ads that perfectly resonate with each segment of your audience. Taking a “one size fits all” approach seldom produces great results for haunted attractions. Allow us to use our expertise to create ads that will make a memorable impression on your target demographic and drive sales to your attraction. 


Ready for scary-good results?

Ready for scary good results?

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