• Marketing your haunted attraction can be brutal.

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    Marketing your haunted attraction can be brutal.

    Don’t lose your head. We’ve got you.

    We are your personal marketing department without the expense! At Spooky Marketing we develop all-inclusive local advertising campaigns for YOUR specific market. We’ll work with you on maximizing traffic for the best results centered around your budget. Spooky Marketing is a premier industry expert on pay-per-click campaigns, online display ads, online videos, mobile, website design, Pandora, radio & TV advertising, coupon promotions and countless more specialized marketing techniques. Partner with Spooky Marketing and experience the right solutions and ROI tracking power to get your word out affordably and effectively.

  • 30 Years industry experience buying and selling media
  • 100 % of Clients doubled their online ticket sales in the first year working with us
  • 45 K+ Bodies through the door is our goal for our clients each year
  • I’m glad I found them before my competition.

    The Dead End Hayride, MN

A few of our clients

  • Fear Town
  • Kersey Valley Live Your Adventure
  • Kersey Valley Basement of the Dead
  • Spooky Woods
  • Dead End
  • 13th Gate
  • Escape Room
  • Cutting Edge
  • Indy Screampark
  • Lake Hickory Haunts
  • Land of Illusion
  • Scream-a-geddon
  • Terror Falls
  • The Haunted Farm
  • Thrillvania

Ready for scary-good results?

Ready for scary good results?

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